About us


The Professional, Academic, and Work-Based Literacies SIG (PAWBL) is a Special Interest Group within the British Association for Applied Linguistics (BAAL), and it aims:

  • To provide a forum for those researchers who are working on professional, academic, or work-based literacies or (as is increasingly the case) at the interface of two or more these dimensions.
  • To develop and extend the network of scholars working within this area – both within the UK and transnationally – who are seeking to develop robust research methodologies using a range of concepts and methods from applied linguistics, sociolinguistics, literacy studies, anthropological linguistics, and linguistic ethnography
  • To develop work in literacy studies providing opportunities to present new research as well as critically revisiting ‘classic’ studies and approaches
  • To support new researchers who are developing applied linguistic research in the field of professional, academic, and work-based literacies
  • To involve potential stakeholders and practitioners in debates arising from findings through involvement on the SIG’s events
  • To develop and make available case studies and heuristics which stimulate the use of research findings by policy makers and practitioners.


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